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20/12/10 – As I’m sure you’re well aware, the deadline for the Poolbeg / TV3 ‘Write A Bestseller’ competition was last Friday…

And ‘Burning Matches’ is in!

Yes indeed, the ‘masterpiece’ was handed in on Thursday after a 10-day nightmare of trying to perfect….the synopsis. Yes indeed, having written and rewritten 460-ish pages of the novel over the last two years or so, I haven’t had so much heartache as I had trying to write a ‘simple’ one-page synopsis. To say I finally nailed it…would be a slight exageration – still not happy with it but, suffice to say, it is definitely better than it was a week and half ago.

Anyway, look, it’s done and more importantly, is sitting, with the novel, on the desk of the fabulous, gifted and sexy decision-maker at Poolbeg Publishing (who might be reading this) …with the 200 or so other novels that I’m reliably informed have also entered. I guess it’ll make all the sweeter when I win…

By the way, huuuuge thanks to Margaret, Hugh and Ger for all their help with the previously mentioned synopsis…cheers guys.



07/10/10 – The entry for the Storyland competition was submitted to RTE yesterday after a very interesting few weeks of development. After abandoning the first concept (an okay idea but not at all suitable for this), we went with a parody of a dating show. The submission will now be considered by RTE and hopefully will be commissioned for the first 6-minute episode to be filmed in the new year.

However, I have decided that, due to significant creative differences between myself and the director, I will no longer be involved with the project.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Ann Marie and her cast and crew the best of luck with the competition.



05/09/10 – I am delighted to announce that , in collaboration with film director Ann Marie Brennan, I will be submitting an entry to Storyland III, RTE’s internet-based drama series competition.

The show will be in the form of four 6-minutes episodes (I refuse to call them ‘webisodes’) and after each episode airs, the public vote on whether the show should continue on to the next episode and vote on who wins the competition of the entries who are left at the end.

As we are in the verrrry early stages of development, I won’t go into to detail as to what the show is about. Suffice to say it will be fabulous.

Lots more details to follow…





30/07/10 – Yes indeed, after an exhausting 10 week marathon, the re-write of my novel ‘Burning Matches’ is complete. I did very much enjoy the process, despite some creative tension-filled periods involving talking to myself in the mirror, travelling to the South of France for some inspiration (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), and long conversations with MSD, my proof-reader and ‘creativity coach’.

Anyway, tiz done, printed and dispatched to a certain publishing industry professional, hopefully with a future prosperous and successful relationship to look forward to.

And now on to my next ‘highly-classified ‘ project, top secret until I decide I need to talk about it on my blog.

You can visit my old blog here.


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