He’s quite a character…

There’s a bit of chatter going on on t’internet at the moment about character development – actually, this subject seems to be an on-going conversation…How much detail do we need? Is the name of the protagonist’s first dog really relevant?

There are a few questionnaires floating around (including one which has 253 questions!) which are very useful for developing character. I didn’t use the 253-strong version but friend/fellow novelist Margaret Scott D’arcy is using it and I’m looking forward to finding out how she got on.

Below is the one I used. I didn’t design it so feel free to use it if you like (copy and paste into a MS Word doc would be my advice). I’ve filled it in for five main characters and five secondaries, which I’m now using it for chapter-writing (and finding extremely useful).



Character Name / Nicknames / Aliases:
Birth Date:
Place of Birth:
Clothing Sizes / Styles:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Handedness :
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family:
Key Family / Relatives:
Relationship with Friends:
Key Friends:
Key Enemies:
Educational History:
Work History:
Phobias / Fears:
Bad Habits / Vices:
Best Qualities:
Worst Qualities:
Key Childhood Experiences:
Key Teenage Experiences:
Key Adult Experiences:
Sexual Background:
Personal Goals:
Professional Goals:
Morality / Ethics:
Style of Speech:
Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon:
Lies / Misinformation:
Other Important Details:

About PaulFitzSimons

Paul is the wealthy successful protagonist. Who is handsome.
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1 Response to He’s quite a character…

  1. mgtscott says:

    Ah you need the extreme version… Can highly recommend it for main character at least… Its a monster of a thing…

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