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Any self-respecting business nowadays has a website as well as presence on all the social media outlets.

But it’s not just enough to be online – to have a single static page – your website needs to be visually striking and be content-rich, featuring full information on services, costs, samples of recent successes, testimonials for clients and, of course, contact details.

It’s also key to fully embrace social media and not just have a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest account sitting out there, unloved and untouched. It’s important that any business carefully select the social-media outlet(s) suitable to their business and then regularly post to them. It’s also important to know how each outlet works – people expect different things from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – it’s vital to know how to optimise each.

Having designed a number of websites over the last ten years, I can help create the right content for your website, content that will drive customers to your company, keep them there when they arrive, buy your product and then come back for more.

I also have extensive knowledge of social media and am social media manager for film production company OC Productions. I can guide you on which are the best services for your business, what to use each outlet for, when is the best time of the day/week to post and how they can quickly generate business.

Feel free to have a look at some of the websites and social media I have been involved in. If you think your company might benefit from some new online content or social media strategy, give me a call or drop me an email.





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