In Development


Paul has a number of feature and TV drama projects in development.



Detective Kieran Temple is woken by a 4am phone call. Not unusual, except that this call is from his ex-partner, Mia Burrows. And she’s just killed her boyfriend.
As Temple is compelled to investigate the death, he must do so behind the backs of his superiors and his wife. All evidence supports Mia’s claims, that she was defending herself against a maniac. But as he delves deeper, Temple learns of a complex and dysfunctional relationship, one that’s been manipulated from the start.

COMPLICIT has been optioned by film production company Babyjane Productions.




When Annie returns to her home town for her mother’s funeral, she is disturbed by her family’s strange behaviour towards her.
As the details of her mother’s death come to light, she becomes convinced that they had something to do with it. But the truth is much more sinister than that.

PAINTING PICTURES is being story-developed by in partnership with a director and a script editor.




When a celebrated rugby player is killed on Dublin’s most fashionable road, investigative journalist Claire Goodwin comes up against its powerful and sinister residents. She soon finds everything hanging in the balance – her career, her family, her life.

DARK ROAD is currently in development with a TV drama director attached. A Pilot script and series bible are completed.




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A London taxi driver with an eidetic memory uses his gift to exact revenge on the warlord who decimated his country.

KNOWLEDGE is currently in development with a Pilot script and series bible completed. It was selected as a Special Mention at the 2018 Filmarket Hub London PitchBox.


The scripts/treatments for these projects will be used to develop a budget and a financial plan underlining the procurement and utility of these funds and to procure partnership with domestic and international co-producers, broadcasters, film financiers and distributors.

For further information on any of these projects or to discuss assistance on your own film or TV drama, please get in touch.