SEAN IS A MAN BEREFT. MOURNING his wife a year after losing her to cancer, he has decided what must be done. But putting his plan into action isn’t quite so simple. As Sean plans his own death, life gets in the way. A family who miss him, a demanding landlord, a class of uncontrollable students – Sean tries to ignore these distractions. But, with his own imagination working against him, finding the best method of taking his life becomes his latest frustration.

The Gift was the festival’s opening feature film. The screening was attended by myself, director/co-writer Damian O’Callaghan and cast and crew and there was a Q&A after the screening.

‘The Gift’ screened in Irish cinemas in 2017 and is now available on Amazon Prime.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Gift’ here.

Visit ‘The Gift’s Facebook page or follow it on Twitter for regular update on the film and news on other festivals and release dates.

the gift banner

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