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Some of the peeps I follow.

(To make this list, you have to inform me, inspire me or at least entertain me.)

David Hewson
Author of ‘The Killing’ and all-round nice guy.

Margaret Scott D’arcy
Writer, worker, mother. And fellow struggling author. Oh, and good mate.

Catherine Ryan Howard
Writer, super-blogger (the only blog I check everyday) and self-publishing guru.

Ellen Dunne
She who I call Eva. Austrian. Wrote a novel about Belfast. In German.

Roisin Meaney
Author of ten published novels. Lover of all things quirky.

Joseph Bates
Author of ‘The Night-time Novelist.’

Vanessa O’Loughlin /
Vanessa is the founder of Inkwell and, Ireland’s national writing resources site. Interviews, author tips, events, courses, blogs & more.

Mark Gatiss
Co-creator of ‘Sherlock’, need I say more.

Endeavouring to get new jobs created in Ireland. Definitely thumbs up.

Ellen Brickley
Writer, blogger, tweeter, Dubliner. And friend.

Alan Bennett
Not the famous Alan Bennett. But he should be. And probably will be some day.

Paul The Trumpet
It’s me, but a slightly more musical me.

Katie Holly
Film and TV Producer. Did ‘The Savage Eye’, ‘Sensation’ and ‘100 Mornings’.


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